What Makes New Haven Forensic Consultants a Cut Above the Rest

Simply put, it's the difference between supposition and fact. Although there are rarely absolutes in medical diagnosis, the closer you can get, the better off you are.

New Haven Forensic Consultants' consultants represent the top academic tier of clinicians…recognized experts with extensive research and numerous publications to their credit. They perform medicolegal evaluations that are designed for clinical, forensic, and research purposes. In the world of medical science, a specific, accurate, and precise patient diagnosis is of paramount importance. Misdiagnosis or inaccuracy may not just have an impact on a single patient – it may also negatively affect medical research and, by consequence, a field of medical knowledge.

Because precise diagnosis is an essential component of obtaining valid results, researchers use a variety of structured, standardized evaluative tools in their work. These research tools must be quantifiable – the margin of error must be a small as possible and the assessments must provide the same diagnoses, no matter who administers them.